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  • i'm still in the process of finding the right architect. why 103 studio?
    you will be working with a group of young professionals with experience local and overseas, all who are in constant pursuit of good design. we are an architecture practice that integrates lighting design in any project we're engaged in. working with us will guarantee you that we have both design fields in mind when creating your project.
  • i already have an architect / interior designer for my project. can i hire you as my lighting designer?
    absolutely! we don't shy away from collaborating and we are flexible with our involvement. we offer two packages in our lighting design services: - comprehensive lighting design a package that starts from concept to design development, providing detailed lighting plans, lighting details and specification. ideal for bigger projects where architects / interior designers can leave the lighting to us so they can focus more on their craft. - light assist perfect for those testing waters engaging with a lighting designer, ideal for projects with a tight budget. we will provide advice, mark-ups, sketches and supplier / luminaire recommendations (just no cad drawings) that can be used by the consultant to refer to for their formal documentation.
  • how much do you charge?
    this depends on the project type, difficulty and size. as a guide, architects may charge between 6%-10% of the estimated construction cost: - 6% if it is DADS (detailed architectural design service) which covers only architectural drawings - 10% if it is DAEDS (detailed architectural and engineering service) which covers architectural and the other engineering trades (structural, mechanical, plumbing etc.) again, architect fees are not dead set and will vary on a lot of factors but above is just a guide of how much it can be for. lighting design projects are scoped out differently so it would be best to chat with us about it. we'll be nice, we promise.
  • i have a project in mind. how should i go about it?
    awesome! let's jump on a quick chat! head on to our contact page and fill in the form to get in touch with us. alternatively, you can just go ahead and email basically, we just need to know the following things: - what the project is (if it's a house, a shop, commercial space, etc.) - the size of the property we're building on and where it's located - your space requirements (e.g one bedroom, twenty bathrooms. we're kidding on this one but hey, why not.) we'll walk you through with the design process of your project and discuss the timeline needed to get things done. for lighting design projects, we will have your architect / interior designer on board with the briefing process so we can all seamlessly work together.
  • do i need to show you the site?
    site visits are important to us to get a better understanding of the conditions we're designing for. our practice is based in tacloban but we are open to visit sites outside the city. however, we would require the client to shoulder the site visit expense if it's not within our area. we also welcome site photos and videos for us to get an idea of the location if a site visit isn't possible at that point in time.
  • what projects have you worked on?
    most of our works have been residential and commercial spaces.
  • can you design and do the build as well?
    we can definitely sort that arrangement out for you as our studio is in partnership with a construction firm.
  • how much should my construction budget be?
    construction costs are always different for every project so it's best for us to get all that information about your project first. for houses for example, it's at Php 25,000-Php 40,000 per sqm these days. but this is always changing! at the end of the day it's whatever finishes you choose and the design we end up with. that is only a ballpark figure. please don't sue us if we get this wrong.
  • i don't intend to build anytime soon, but i just want to see a design."
    sure! we offer partial design packages that would better suit your need. in that case, we would only be charging for the schematic design (sd) phase of our service which will involve a general plan, and 3D images. we'll be basically just charging for the pitch.
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